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Сloud mining

Сloud mining

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Now the topic of cloud mining has become very popular in the field of crypto currency. What is cloud mining and how does it work? Everything is very simple -…
Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency Mining

The process of issuing bitcoins is called "mining" - the only way to obtain a crypto currency, built on the decision of computers to solve mathematical problems. How miners work…
zcash crypto currency

What is Zero Cash(ZCash)?

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Developed on the basis of the Zero Cash cryptographic protocol, Zcash's crypto currency has relatively recently appeared on the market, but is already rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. Zcash has an…
Crypto-currency Monero

What is Monero(XMR) ?

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In the open-source crypto-currency market, the Monero digital coin, which guarantees the confidentiality (anonymity) of the transactions being made, stands out prominently. To date, Monero confidently enters the TOP-20 crypto-currency…
What is Dash (DASH)?

What is Dash (DASH)?

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Dash (Dash) is one of the most dynamically growing decentralized payment systems with open source. According to DASH developers, this is digital cash (Digital Cash), which eliminates the line between…

What is Litecoin (LTC)?

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Litecoin (lightcoin): course, schedule After the advent of digital silver, his rate was less than 10 cents. Then, for a long time, the lightcoin course was maintained at around $…
What is Ripple [XRP]

What is Ripple [XRP]

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Ripple (Ripple) is another type of crypto currency and the same global payment system that unites banks, terminals, payment providers, digital asset exchanges. This system is built on the distributed…
What is Еthereum [ETH]

What is Еthereum [ETH]

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One of the recognized leaders in the market of crypto-currency is Ethereum (Etherium, Ether). This digital coin for capitalization and popularity is surely in second place. Efirium - crypto currency,…
What is bitcoin [BTC]

What is bitcoin [BTC]

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Bitcoin (bitcoin, btc) is the most popular in the world free digital currency. This is the so-called "virtual" money, which is not subject to inflation due to the limited emission,…