Mining on a video card (GPU) – payback calculation, table comparison

If you can boast of a computer with a good graphics card, then you can start producing bitcoins right now. However, in order to increase profits and engage in this professionally, we recommend that you purchase several video cards (optimally from 4 to 6) and build your own farm for the production of crypto currency.

By installing multiple video adapters, you can increase the level of computer performance, which will be much faster. namely video cards give all the processing power for mining (for most coins).

How much can I earn on a single graphics card?

Having some idea of how to make money on a video card, you should know which video adapters are best suited for GPU mining. A great option will be AMD Radeon fifth series and above. Since the performance of this device will depend on the total amount of your earnings, it is recommended to get flagships.

There is an opinion that when using AMD video cards the computational speed is slightly higher than for analogues under the nVidia brand. But it strongly depends on the algorithm of calculations on which each specific crypto currency is built. Accordingly, the more calculations per second, the more significant your earnings.

It is important to remember that if you decide to mine using one, even the top-end video card, its performance will not be enough. You will spend a very long time before you get 1 BTC. For example, if you use the Radeon HD 7970 GPU, your result will be about 555 MH / s, and daily production will be at 0.0031 BTC, or 80 cents. At the same time, it is worth considering that during the mining, the consumption of electricity increases. Therefore, such a method of mining crypto currency is considered inexpedient.

Which graphics card to choose – performance on different algorithms

Knowing how to make money on a video card, the future miner is faced with a difficult choice between a video card, which must be purchased for a self-made farm.

More details about choosing the optimal model of the GPU adapter we wrote here, be sure to review the material before making a purchasing decision. Here we have chosen the best options, taking into account the cost-benefit ratio. For convenience of perception, we will present the information in the form of a table.

Table of video card performance in mining on different algorithms :


Video cards



ETC / ETC Hashout Consumed



ZCash (Sol / w)

Ethash (MHS/W)
GTX 1080 Ti 620 Sol 35 MH/s 250 Вт 2.48 0.140
GTX 1080 475 Sol 28 MH/s 180 Вт 2.63 0.153
RX 580 280 Sol 26 MH/s 185 Вт 1.51 0.140
RX 570 260 Sol 25 MH/s 150 Вт 1.73 0.166
GTX 1070 435 Sol 27 MH/s 150Вт 2.90 0.190
GTX 1060 282 Sol 20 MH/s 120 Вт 2.35 0/150
RX 480 300 Sol 29 MH / s 150 W 2.00 0.190
RX 470 250 Sol 24 MH / s 120 W 2.08 0.200
RX 460 110 Sol 11 MH / s 75 W 1.47 0.146
RX 560 120 Sol 12 MH / s 90 W 1.33 0.133
RX 550 70 Sol 10 MH / s 65 W 1.08 0.153
R7 370 150 Sol 190 W 0.78 ?
R7 360 155 Sol 100 W 1.00 ?
GTX 1050 Ti 155 Sol 13 MH / s 75 W 2.06 0.173
GTX 1050 135 Sol 60 W 2.25 ?

The models listed in the table pay off much faster than their counterparts and are, judging from the opinions of experts, the best choice for mining in 2017. For example, the GTX 1070/1060 and RX 480/470 will pay off in 5-6 months. Also, do not forget that it is becoming more difficult to earn the Crypto-currency every day, but its value is constantly growing, which allows you to maintain the necessary balance, attracting new people to mining.

The most popular methods for crypting out lending are the solutions from the red camp – AMD. This is due to the design features of video cards, so users primarily buy such solutions as Radeon RX 470 and above. Nevertheless, today the power lag for video adapters from Nvidia is not colossal, therefore such popular models as the GTX 1060 and above are scattered like hot cakes.

By the way, the theory of a conspiracy to raise interest in crypto currency from manufacturers of video cards takes place, since Nvidia is preparing specialized video cards for mining under the names P104-100 and P106-100. These solutions differ from the classic video adapters in that they do not have video outputs, are equipped with weak cooling and have a limited warranty. That’s why the average user is still more profitable to purchase a top-end solution in the face of the same GTX 1070, because it can always be sold to a gamer, thereby partially discouraging its original cost.

Calculation of the payback of video cards

GPU: Payback: Without taking into account e / energy:
Radeon RX 470 183 days. (16% per month) 145 days. (20.6% per month)
Radeon RX 480 193 days (15.5% per month) 156 days (19.2% per month)
Geforce GTX 106 0 154 days (19.4% per month) 130 days (23% per month)
Geforce GTX 1070 185 days (16.2% per month) 162 days (18.5% per month)
Radeon Fury X 278 days (10.7% per month) 213 days (14% per month)

As you can see from the table above, the most profitable for mining at the moment are video cards Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 3gb and Radeon RX 470 4gb. It is worth noting that this is true only at the moment and on the most profitable now algorithm of Equihash, what will happen next, what algorithms will appear in the future and how these data will behave in the video card is not known.

If you are interested in the profitability of mining right now, then you can choose Geforce GTX 1060 if you are a fan of Nvidia or Radeon RX 470 – if you prefer a GPU from AMD. To calculate the profitability of mining, calculators are used for calculating the crypto currency for the GPU (the data in them can vary greatly even within one day, since the exchange rate can change drastically).

Overclocking graphics cards to improve the hash at mining

Improving the performance of GPU cards for mining is an integral part of the farm configuration. Overclocking can be performed using special programs running from the operating system, for this we recommend MSI Afterburner. Also overclocking of the video card can be achieved due to a flashing of the BIOS.

In detail about all the overclocking options we tell here, there are also video instructions for AMD and Nvidia cards (the principle of their overclocking is slightly different).

Also on our site there are detailed reviews of the most popular GPU for the production of crypto currency in 2017:

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Special graphics cards for mining from Nvidia

The company Nvidia has prepared 2 graphics adapters, which were specially developed for the crypto currency. Both cards are based on existing Pascal architecture chips, but have been refined for more efficient and productive mining on Nvidia GTX chips. These graphics cards with chips GP104-100 and GP106-100 are provided by authorized partners of Nvidia.

It’s worth noting that the warranty for these video cards is only 3 months . The launch of video cards for mining on the Nvidia GTX is expected in mid-June, but the timing may change for different suppliers. It is stated that on the P104-100 graphics chip the performance / watt increased by 30% in comparison with the GTX 1060 3 GB. And the P106-100 chip in comparison with the same video card gives an increase of 10%. Both video cards are produced without video interfaces.

The video card Nvidia P104-100 uses the same design as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080. But it provides much more performance per 1 watt of consumed power, as the adapter is specially modified for mining on the Nvidia GTX. Cards from different manufacturers come with different chip frequencies, while this base model operates at a base frequency of 1607 MHz. The overclocking frequency is 1733 MHz with a memory bandwidth of 10 Gb / s GDDR5X with a bus width of 256 bits.

Power is supplied via a single 8-pin connector, and power consumption is approximately 180 watts. The base model of the graphics adapter is planned for shipping at a price of 350 US dollars, but the model from the manufacturer Inno3D is announced at a price of $ 370 – Inno3D P6D-N104-1SDN P104-100 Twin X2 8GB GDDR5X. These prices are significantly less than the prices of their gaming counterparts ($ 499).

The claimed performance of the mining on the Nvidia GTX P104-100 will be about 60 MX / s, but this performance will be achieved only after updating the BIOS adapter to the new firmware.

The Nvidia P106-100 model uses the same design as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060. This made it possible to configure the graphics adapter for mining on the Nvidia GTX much more efficiently. The adapter operates at a base frequency of 1506 MHz, the turbo frequency is 1708 MHz, and the memory bandwidth is 8 Gb / s GDDR5 with 192-bit bus. Power will be transmitted through the 6-pin connector, and the power consumption will be 120 watts.

The price of the base model in the US market will be $ 200, which is $ 49 cheaper than the game analog GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB. Here is the price of a specific adapter Inno3D (N5G-N106-4SDN P106-100 Twin X2 6GB GDDR5) – $ 235.

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