What is Zero Cash(ZCash)?

Developed on the basis of the Zero Cash cryptographic protocol, Zcash’s crypto currency has relatively recently appeared on the market, but is already rapidly gaining worldwide popularity. Zcash has an open source code and is highly confidential in its operations.

Crypto currency Zcach allows you to hide information about the amount of the transaction, the sender and the recipient. In this case, payments remain available as an open chain of blocks. Such selective confidentiality also became a certain “chip” of Zcash.

Zcash: basic information, background

Electronic cash within the Zerocash cryptographic protocol was used to process and improve by a group of scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Johns Hopkins University, the Israel Technological and Tel Aviv universities.

In 2014, a group of cryptographers created a new crypto currency, which, unlike Zerocoin, kept privacy not only in the aspect of information about the sender, but also made the amount of payment unavailable for viewing. Experts estimate the high efficiency of the Zerocash protocol in comparison with Zerocoin.

zcash crypto currency
The date of appearance on the market Zcash is January 2016, when the general director Zuko Vilkos made an official statement on the release of Zcash. The symbol for the Zcash-ZEC crypto currency (ticker on the stock exchanges). The start of the mining took place on October 28, 2016. It is believed that from this day Zcash is an independent crypto currency and is not classified as a certain addition (branch) that has become a classic Bitcoin.

The issue of Zcash is limited to a quantity of 21 million coins. The time to create a new block is 2.5 minutes. The main advantages of Zkesch are:

Confidentiality of the crypto currency is provided by a high level of protection. Zcash protects not only the name of the sender and the recipient, but also the amount of the transaction
The developers of Zcach argue about the great opportunities for the emergence of new applications within the framework of evidence without disclosure, on which the technology of blockade is based
In Zcash there is no connection of coins with the history in the chain. This guarantees the interchangeability of the crypto currency.
Zcash: exchange rate, schedule

On the financial portal Maanimo in the section “Crypto-currency” a separate page is devoted to Zcash. Every interested visitor can find all the necessary and relevant information:

The rate of buying and selling Zcash on popular stock exchanges
The rate of Zcash to the US dollar, the euro, the Ukrainian hryvnia, the Russian ruble and other fiat currencies
The dynamics of the exchange rate change on the chart for any selected period
Monitoring the Zcash course online (update every minute)
The amount of capitalization Zcash and the number of coins in turnover for the current time
The total amount of transactions Zcash on all represented exchanges and separate for each exchange kriptovaljut
The page is designed in such a way that the user performs an intuitive search, is not “lost” among the abundance of information and receives exactly what he needs. Current data web resource Maanimo receives directly from exchanges crypto currency, thereby guaranteeing its visitors the authenticity and relevance of information content.

Zcash wallet: how to choose?

First of all, we recommend to study what types of wallets exist and the differences between them. Very popular are the so-called multi-currency wallets, which allow you to store several types of crypto-currencies at the same time. In turn, such wallets can be for mobile devices (Mobile), personal computers (Desktop), with access through certain Web browsers (Web) or hardware (Hardware), which are usually a flash device with a high degree of protection.

We have collected wallets with Zcash support of different types from the most popular developers into one table. In detail, to study the characteristics of your chosen Zcash wallet can be already on its official website.

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