What is Monero(XMR) ?

In the open-source crypto-currency market, the Monero digital coin, which guarantees the confidentiality (anonymity) of the transactions being made, stands out prominently. To date, Monero confidently enters the TOP-20 crypto-currency with the greatest market capitalization.

Monero uses the CryptoNote protocol, or rather its version of CryptoNight, which provides anonymity due to so-called entanglement of the code and bringing the source material into a state that is “hard to read” when decompiled. At the same time, Monero’s ring signature algorithm works according to the principle of PoW (Proof-of-work), which in English is translated as “Proof of work performance”.

Monero: background, history of creation

Monero is an open source crypto currency that provides anonymity of transactions and is one of the most popular digital coins to date. The name Monero, meaning Esperanto as a “coin”, entered into the everyday use of the crypto currency market in April 2014, when Monero entered the market without initial mining with an initial issue of 18.4 million coins. In the future, for the opening of a new block, miners receive a reward of 0.6 coins. In this case, the block is created in 120 seconds. The ticker on the exchanges is the Crypto-currency – XMR.

Crypto-currency Monero
In 2014, an attack was conducted to crack the code Monero. However, the attackers did not manage to destroy Monero, although experts note a high level of awareness of the burglars. After that, a planned hardcore was carried out, thanks to which many improvements in security, privacy and ease of use were added. But despite this, today Monero has some vulnerabilities. For example, if an attacker has influence over a part of the network, then the anonymity of Monero can be completely or partially neutralized. In addition, recently, cases have increased when malicious users download malicious code to popular sites and, using the power of users’ devices of these web resources, are engaged in the production of Monero without the knowledge of both the site administration and the users themselves.

Despite the fact that the emission of this crypto currency is not limited, Monero’s mining algorithm requires a large amount of memory, thereby reducing the efficiency score in comparison with Bitcoin. To make a transaction with Monero, you need eight times more memory than Bitcoin. Holders Monero use this crypto currency for making payments in online games, online casinos, and as a payment tool for conducting anonymous transactions.

Monero: course of sale, purchase

On the specialized Internet resource Maanimo contains comprehensive information about the Montero crypto currency. On this page, the user has the opportunity to receive a variety of current and up-to-date information on-line:

The course of sale and purchase of Monero on popular stock exchanges is crypto-currency.
Select the exchange with the most favorable rate by sorting the corresponding column in the table.
By default, the Monero rate is set against the US dollar. But you can choose a course to ruble, hryvnia or other currency.
The exchange rate of Montero / Bitcoin and Monero / Montero / Ethereum pairs on various exchanges.
The volume of transactions with Monero on the exchanges has been crypto-lat for the last 24 hours.
The number of Monero coins in circulation for today.
Monero: advantages and features

Anonymity is provided by the “ring signature” technology, which allows you to mix open user keys in order to exclude the possibility of identifying addresses, amounts and origin of transactions.
Security from hacking, because for unauthorized access from the hacker will require significant effort and technological means.
Confidentiality is ensured by the anonymity of transactions without obligations for partnership or other cooperation. Those. Do not worry about how and by whom coins were used before they came to you.
The remuneration for production is not subject to inflation and will never fall below 0.3 coins per minute.

Monero wallet

The official Monero wallet is called MyMonero and is available on the Internet at mymonero.com. At the moment there is only an online version in which you can work through any browser.

Of the popular multi-currency purses with the support of Monero, you can distinguish Cryptonator and Freewallet. Both purses are available for iOS and Andorid users, and Crypto also works in Web mode with Google Chrome. Freewallet can be installed as a multi-currency purse, or separately for Monero only.

Monero wallet Type of purse Platform
MyMonero MyMonero Online Web Browsers
Cryptonator Cryptonator Mobile (Mobile), Online (Web) iOS, Android, Google Chrome
FreewalletFreewallet Mobile (Mobile) iOS, Android

Hardware and local solutions for Monero digital coins are not yet provided, although leaders among wallets in these areas have repeatedly stated about the imminent release.

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