What is Еthereum [ETH]

One of the recognized leaders in the market of crypto-currency is Ethereum (Etherium, Ether). This digital coin for capitalization and popularity is surely in second place.

Efirium – crypto currency, which, along with Bitcoin, is based on the principle of decentralized online services with the use of blockbodies. The creators and owners of the crypto currency Ephyrium see its use as the “smart” contract, both at the stage of creation and at the stage of deployment, as well as as a means of exchanging assets.

Crypto currency Eurium is used to build decentralized applications and entire networks that are protected from unauthorized access. A distinctive feature of the etherium is its high degree of reliability, which explains the great interest on the part of the authors of new start-ups, software companies, and financial companies.

Ethera (Etherium): basic information about the crypto currency

The developer and ideological inspirer of the Ether was Canadian Vitalik Buterin in 2015. Then for the launch of the system was announced kraudfandingovaya campaign to raise funds, which has become one of the largest in the history of online investment collection. The launch of Etereum detachment took place in July 2015. However, the project itself was downloaded in August 2014 through the preliminary sale of Ether.

Crypto currency Ethereum

The symbol for Ethereum is ETH, which is also a ticker on the stock exchanges. The unit of the etherium, as the crypto currency, is 1 ether. Ethereum is qualified as a complementary crypto currency to Bitcoin, because the functionality of the Etherium is not only in the means of payment, but primarily in the tool for the exchange of assets. Using Ethereum, massive systems are created, through which there is exchange, storage of assets, markets and registers are created. This property of Ethereum can be used by banks for the remote mode of providing financial services. Among other things, the cheapness of block technologies can contribute to the growth of the economy of developing countries.

The course of the Etherarium for today: how do you know?

The Maanimo website displays up-to-date information on courses of popular crypto-currencies, including Ethereum. The values ​​of the purchase and sale rate of the Ethereum are exported online from the leading stock exchanges, and on this basis the average price of Ethereum is calculated.

By default, the rate of the Efirium to the dollar is set, but it is possible to choose the course of the Efirium to the ruble, hryvnia, euro and other world currencies. For many crypto-enthusiasts, the air-to bitcoin course is important, which can also be set in the currency filter.

The number of ETH in circulation, purchase, sale, capitalization and volume are updated 1 time per minute. All the values ​​in the table can be sorted up or down, which makes it possible to clearly see which of the exchanges is currently the best course of the Etherium.

Advantages of Ethereum crypto currency

First of all, experts note the possibility of working with smart contracts, the creation of an extensive network, including its own, access to which will be protected from unauthorized access even by business partners. In fact, Efirium allows you to store, move, exchange assets, make deals with unknown partners or customers, without fear that access rights will be exploited by intruders.
The emission of the etherium is limited to 18 million a year, which prevents inflationary processes and, accordingly, depreciation of the crypto currency.
The ethereum can also be used as a means of payment and its scope has broad prospects both in the IT business and in the financial market as a whole. For example, virtually all ICOs (Initial coin offering, initial coin placement) are conducted using the capabilities of Ethereum. The platform is completely open.
A lot of digital coins have already been created on the basis of the technology of the Etherium, and in essence are its forks.
Ethereum wallet: how to create and what are?

MyEtherWallet – this name is the official purse of the etherium. It is local or else called desktop, i.e. data is stored on the user’s PC. To create a purse of the etherium, go to www.myetherwallet.com and follow the instructions.

Multicurrency wallets are very popular, in which besides the air there are bitcoins and other altcoys. This is very convenient, since you do not need to create a separate purse for each crypto currency. Of the popular multi-currency purses with etherium support, you can highlight Exodus, Jaxx, Cryptonator, Coinomi and HolyTransaction. All of them are online, mobile or local. Those broadcasters who are supporters of a higher degree of protection can take advantage of the hardware solutions Trezor, Keepkey or Ledger, which are multicurrency wallets with the support of the Etherium or can work in conjunction with them.

The table shows the most popular wallets of the etherium with the types and platforms.

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