What is Dash (DASH)?

Dash (Dash) is one of the most dynamically growing decentralized payment systems with open source. According to DASH developers, this is digital cash (Digital Cash), which eliminates the line between payments on the Internet and reality. Own money is managed and controlled only by you, doing it at any time, easily, quickly, anonymously, reliably and with a guaranteed result. The Dash payment platform is supported by thousands of users around the world and differs not only in its high degree of anonymity, but also in its speed of operations.

Dash stably enters the TOP-10 crypto-currency with the highest capitalization. Over 4100 servers located in different parts of the world ensure the reliability and safety of the system. To date, the capitalization of Dash has exceeded $ 2 billion, and the cost of one coin is regularly growing.

Dash: basic information about the crypto currency

The date of occurrence is January 2014, when the altcoyin XCoin (XCO) was created, which in February was renamed Darkcoin. The main developer is Evan Duffield. Some experts believe that such a crypto currency name did not add confidence from users and intuitively implied illegal operations. The consonance of Darkcoin and Darknet somewhat slowed the dynamic development of this crypto currency, and a year later, in March 2015, the crypto currency was presented under a new name – Dash.

dash crypto currency

To protect the network, the principle of proof of Proof-of-work (POW) is used. As an algorithm, a whole system of hashing functions is used. Such cryptographic functions are eleven and, accordingly, the Dash algorithm is called X11. The maximum possible number of digital Dash coins is limited to 18.9 million. The ticker on the stock exchanges is completely identical to the name of the crypto currency – DASH.

The renaming and growth of the number of services and points accepting the payment of the digital currency contributed to the rapid take-off of the Dash exchange rate against the US dollar. On its mission, the development team considers the transformation of Internet payments into a simple, instant, private and secure operation that can be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or social status.

Main advantages and features of DASH

In comparison with other known types of crypto currency Dash differs:

High degree of anonymity: the option of mixing payments PrivateSend guarantees the privacy of all financial transactions, preventing the leakage of information about traffic or balance on the account.
Reliable protection: a network of more than 4000 servers and 200 thousand Gigahash X11 ASIC-miners is protected from unauthorized third-party access.
Speed: instantaneous operations are provided by the InstantSend system, which allows less than a second to make a transaction.
The minimum amount of commission for the operation or its absence.
The Dash course for today: what is 1 dash?

On the Maanimo website, the change in the exchange rate of the Dash crypto currency in relation to:

US Dollar
Ukrainian Hryvnia
Russian ruble
Swiss Franc
British pound sterling
Polish Zloty
other fiat currencies
The table provides statistics on the volume, rate of buying and selling Dash on popular stock exchanges. In addition, information is provided on the number of Dash coins in circulation and the capitalization of the crypto currency in the market.

The Dash graph allows you to analyze the average coin rate in the selected period of time.

Dash a purse or where to store a digital coin?

The developers have provided several options for storing Dash, including on different operating systems, mobile applications or standalone devices.

The page https://www.dash.org/ru/wallets/ of the official website details various types of Dash-purses. Of course, the official purse Dash Core or Dash Wallet is the first in the list of recommended. For those who prefer to use multi-currency wallets, which simultaneously with Dash support the storage and exchange of other crypto-currencies, the choice of solutions for other developers is available.

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