What is bitcoin [BTC]

Bitcoin (bitcoin, btc) is the most popular in the world free digital currency. This is the so-called “virtual” money, which is not subject to inflation due to the limited emission, pre-programmed algorithm. The popularity of bitcoin grows daily. Japan is the first country in the world where the crypto currency is recognized as an official means of payment.
bitcoin crypto currency

Its popularity and relevance bitcoin deserved due to a number of advantages:

At the heart of all transactions that are committed by banks and financial institutions with Bitcoin lies Blockchain technology – a breakthrough in the world of financial IT technologies, allows you to perform any operations directly, without intermediaries, safely and with minimal commissions in a short time.
A simple and transparent emission procedure allows you to accurately predict the number of bitscoin released today.
Protection of crypto currency from unauthorized access, seizures without physical access to a particular owner’s wallet.
Freedom of course btc (thanks to decentralization) from the personal interests of specific people or organizations involved in the issuance of banknotes.
How do you know the bitcoin rate for today?

The rate of bitcoin in relation to other currencies is variable and depends on many factors. Dynamics and the course of bitcoin for today online can be found on the financial portal Maanimo. The portal provides up-to-date information on the ratio of the bitcoin to hryvnia, the dollar, euro, ruble and other fiat currencies. In addition, one can see the ratio of bitcoin to the second most popular and capitalized crypto currency. The information is presented in the form of a table in which the rates of buying and selling BTC on the most popular stock exchanges are indicated. Also, the average value of bitcoin cost, the volume of transactions, both total and separately for each exchange, and the specific weight of this volume are derived. All the columns in the table can be sorted to determine the minimum and maximum values, and in the box on the left above the table – select the desired currency.

The maximum possible number of BTC is 21 million coins. The algorithm is SHA-256. The table shows the number of digital bitcoins released today for online. Knowing the number of coins in circulation and the current rate of bitcoin – it’s easy to calculate what the bitcoin capitalization is equal to.

To track the rate of bitcoin to the US dollar, a special schedule helps with which it is possible:

Determine the rate of BTC to USD at a particular day and time.
To study the dynamics of changes, growth and fall of the course in time (8 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, all the time). The time interval is chosen independently.
To see the volumes of Bitcoin trades on the Crypto-currency exchanges that are presented on this page.
Using the btc rate chart, you can analyze the information on the time, the rate of other currencies and predict its change in the future. Such a forecast will be conditional, because many factors influence the change in the exchange rate, but the general conclusion regarding the growth or fall of the crypto currency can be made on the basis of analysis. Undoubtedly, the bitcoine rate is strongly influenced by the news background, so-called information guides and they need to be closely monitored. Data about the bitcoin course is updated every minute.

How does Bitcoin (BTC) work?

Many do not understand the very mechanics of the system’s operation, crypto-currency and technical details. For most users, only its value and the ability to earn on the fluctuations of the exchange rate is important. Those who are interested in understanding the features of Blockchain technology are offered to watch the video below:

What is the Bitcoin Wallet?

Users who deal with crypto currency bitcoin need a place to store digital coins. In addition, the purse is a tool for the settlement of foreign exchange transactions involving bitcoin.

There are a lot of bitcoins of wallets, which differ among themselves with safety, convenience and resource consumption. Based on the location and type of devices to access them, Bitcoin wallets can be classified as follows:

Local (Desktop)
Mobile (Mobile)
Online (Web)
In addition, they can all be multicurrency (simultaneously they support several crypto-currencies), and only for one crypto currency.

The table below shows the most popular Bitcoin wallets for mobile devices running Android and iOS, as well as computers running Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Also, there are online wallets working in web mode, in other words, simply using browsers or hardware, i.e. on separate protected media that connect to your device via USB or in some other way.

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